Weight1,3 kg

100% Fiano

Training system

espalier with guyot pruning




350 mt a.s.l

Planting density

4000 vines/ha

Yield per hectare

80 q.l/ha


soft pressing of whole bunches, fermentation in steel tanks at controlled temperature conducted partially with selected yeasts, maturation in steel tanks with permanence on its own yeasts


in bottle before marketing


An untranslatable word that reflects magical facets: in Greek, in fact, it is literally rendered as “essence of ourselves.” The term is used when a person acts by putting their soul into an action.

Meraki is not a static lifestyle: it’s awareness of gestures, something done not just for the sake of doing but put into action concretely because it’s special. It is therefore a philosophy of life. A philosophy that reflects our family’s way of doing things, which, together with the desire to discover new horizons and the awareness of always providing the best for our customers, gives life to what today represents a company cut with a clear identity that is never the same.