Cantine Buonanno was founded in the heart of Irpinia, precisely in Venticano, a village in Campania in the province of Avellino, in the Calore valley, on the border between the provinces of Avellino and Benevento.

Successive governments have focused their efforts exclusively on the growth of the area, contributing to what is, today, a perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

The name Venticano dates back to very ancient historical times, when the village is said to have been governed by twenty wise men.

It is precisely the number 20 that is a constant in the company.

20 like the parcels in which our 36 hectares are divided.

20 like the signs on our labels.







Irpinia is the cradle of wine production of great value.

Talking about Irpinia means talking about Aglianico, the main black grape variety of Campania, which finds its maximum expression in this land, and about the white grape varieties Greco and Fiano.

Autochthonous and centuries-old vines give life to the four great denominations:

-Taurasi, a beautiful ruby-red wine, deserving of great ageing.

-Irpinia Aglianico, with an intense ruby red colour, characterised by fruity scents.

-Greco di Tufo, with unique scents reminiscent of peach and bitter almonds

-Fiano di Avellino, an elegant wine with a more or less intense straw yellow colour

375 m. s.l.m.
41° 2' 45``
14° 54' 37``

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